Patent Department
  • Paralegal Studies. 
Practice Areas:
  • Foreign Patent Prosecution Coordinator.
  • Filing, prosecution and maintenance of Patent applications on a worldwide level in a wide variety of technical fields, with a special focus on:
    • Chemical Sciences, Pharmaceuticals and Materials Science.
    • Industrial and Mechanical Technologies.
    • Biotechnology and Medical Devices.
  • Procurement of International Legal Advice.
Professional Career:

Since joining UNGRIA's United States office in 1987 and, for more than 30 years of experience in the Intellectual Property field, she has focused her professional activity on the prosecution of Patents, Utility Models and Industrial Designs applications in more than 150 jurisdictions.

In her extensive professional career advising national and international clients, she has specialized in the coordination and supervision of the reporting and response to official actions issued by the different national Offices in relation to different Intellectual Property portfolios. Likewise, she has great knowledge on deadlines established in each jurisdiction where the firm operates, management of annuity payments, filing of divisional applications and Trademarks. 

In addition, she has actively assisted the business development team in the New York-New Jersey area and has participated in conferences and meetings related to the firm's business activity.

Languages: English

In UNGRIA since: 1987